Coparenting Education Classes For Parents In Conflict

Parents, if you are struggling with coparenting issues with the other parent and you cannot work together no matter how hard you have tried, this blog will help you with your frustrations. I have worked with over 4000 conflictual coparents and many of their children. Click Here to view the available online parenting courses.

I teach in-person or live classes in San Diego on Tuesday nights, and offer online coparenting courses for parents who speak English.

San Diego In-Person Courses: You can start attending classes on any Tuesday night, however (both parents do not attend class on the same night). Parents would  attend alternate  Tuesdays if both parents want to attend at the same time. Classes are from 7-9 p.m. and the cost of $35 per week.  Call the TeamWorks office to register at 868-675-9225. Call Dr. Stacer directly if you have questions about the program, at 800-980-0334.

The course material covers techniques and strategies designed to help parents end the conflict, while protecting the children from damage often caused by conflict between parents. The courses help parents “disengage” from each other rather then learn to work together in the traditional definition of cooperative coparenting.

For more details about the live courses, Click Here. These coparenting courses are convenient to access, allow you to take the course at your own pace and give you the freedom to complete from the privacy of your own home. To learn more about the courses available, go to

I have been working with parents in conflict for over 19 years and was in a conflictual breakup myself. I have been teaching parenting classes since 1984. I have been teaching parents involved in conflict to reduce their conflict over the children since 1997, when Fred Stemen and I started the High Conflict Intervention and Coparenting Program for the San Diego Family Courts. I was in a high conflict breakup myself and learned the important concepts to get out of the court system and focus on the children.

The online courses are available for parents who are struggling over child sharing issues and need the step by step strategies to help them get back in control of their lives, calm down, reduce the conflict and redirect their focus to their children rather then reacting to what the other parent is doing to them. Parents will learn the same skills online as in person, except they cannot ask questions from the classmates or me.

If you are seeking help and have not been recommended or ordered to attend a coparenting course, we recommend you complete the entire course at your own pace. The 50+ hours will help parents who are seeking additional life skills to implement in every area of their lives so they create the goals and skills to change their lives completely, with enough new skills to stop completely engaging in the negative behaviors that caused them to get involved in a high conflict relationship with the other parent.

You are always welcome to call me at 800-980-0434 or email me at if you have questions about which course you should take. I will put you on the right course.


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