Conflictual Coparenting Courses and Resources

Conflictual Custody Coparenting Resources

Learn more and get the  help you are seeking for your conflictual child custody situation. Take the Coparenting Course online to learn new ways to end your conflict with the other parent.

You can read articles, listen to audio and video lessons that are part of the online coparenting courses on this blog.

Dr. Deena Stacer’s Other Services Include:

*Empowering one or both parents with the skills, strategies and support to let go of the conflict. Teaching parents new techniques to empower their children, protect them from the conflict and create closer bonds with their children. Helping parents heal their wounds from the breakup so they can completely redirect their focus to their children.  Learning the skills to “Parallel Parent” rather than failing at coparenting with a high conflict parent.

*Teaching children the skills to stop being distressed by their parent. Teaching children stress reduction techniques to stay focused on their own life rather than feeling guilty or taking responsibilty for their parent’s issues.

*Preparing a parent for mediation or custody evalutation.

*Training professionals involved with high conflict custody cases the appropriate intervention strategies to end the conflict, while helping parents learn how to insulate the children from any permanent emotional damage.

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