Parallel Parenting for Parents In Conflict (Part 1)

Parallel Parenting vs Coparenting for Parents in Conflict

Learn more about how parallel parenting works for parents who are in conflict over child sharing and child sharing issues.  Parallel Parenting is designed to help parents  to take their children out of the middle.

Parallel parenting is a style of coparenting which allows parents to reduce their communication with each other regarding the children. It gives each parent control over their own parenting time.

The parents do not consult each other about their daily routines, rules, or decisions regarding the children. Minor decisions about the children are made alone, without interacting with the other parent. All major decisions however, do require communication and agreement between both parents. You may need professional intervention for these issues for example, managing medication or major schooling issues.

Examples of parallel parenting

  • Separate worlds mean both parents individually contact coaches, teachers & extracurricular leaders.
  • Parents attend extracurricular events on their time, if there might be conflict at the event. While considering the impact of the conflict on the child.
  • Communication about academic performance takes place at separate school conferences.
  • Parents learn to let go of things they can’t change about the other parent. They let them parent their own way.

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Dr Deena Stacer specializes in educating parents involved in child custody fights, and struggling to manage their coparenting relationship. Dr. Stacer is nn International crisis management and Conflict Resolution Consultant, Dr. Stacer offers online coparenting courses to help parents learn to reduce their conflicts while protecting and connecting more closely with their children. She offers online and in person parenting classes for parents involved with divorce with children . Reach Dr. Stacer at or 800-980-0434.


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